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How do I get "In-Reply-To" and "References" headers

first post: coolanupam wrote: I am using the AE.Net.Mail library to read emails from Gmail. I nee...

How would I mark a message as Read / Seen using this client?

first post: FaizanKazi wrote: Hi All! How would I mark a message as Read / Seen using this client...

Issue with the mentalis security library on Azure

first post: ogazitt wrote: When running in the Azure emulator, the SSL library that AE.Net.Mai...

latest post: ogazitt wrote: Thanks Andy - glad to see that it was useful and that you were able...

You have thought about using Github?

first post: dmportella wrote: Would you consider using git hub?

latest post: dmportella wrote: awesome going to make some push requests then

How to help project?

first post: alabax wrote: Hello,I like the project and I would like to share minor bugfixes a...

latest post: andyedinborough wrote: This should be resolved in the latest checkin.

idle support

first post: ogazitt wrote: Hi Andy, great stuff!Have you gotten the idle support to work? I t...

latest post: nadavk wrote: I had the same problem.I think the solution was to select an inbox:...

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